“Gentlemen, This Is A Football”

Let’s take a peek as last year’s Super Bowl Champions report to training camp for the rigors of preparing to achieve their goal as repeat champions of the NFL. They are greeted by their coach proudly stating, “Gentleman, this is a football”. The basics always work. The basics work in all areas of undertaking.

The football team, as a group, has established their definition of success – repeating as Super Bowl Champions. They have established success-supportive goals to score more points than their opponent, to field a great defense and to maintain superb physical fitness. They’ve written out their achievement plans via their individual game plans and made the collective commitment to achieve. They are now ready to ‘hit the field’ and execute their plans.

It’s incredible how we non-football types can become so consumed with the events of the day that we allow ourselves to believe that there is some magical wand or short-cut that will simply transport us to the success we dream of?

“All work is as seed is sown; it grows and spreads, and sows itself anew.” – Thomas Carlyle.

New sunrises of opportunity present themselves daily, and what do most folks do? Instead of evaluating how the new opportunity may fit into their definition of success (game plan), they begin haphazardly looking for shortcuts and performing nonessential actions without any serious effort toward planning the steps that will steer them to their success.

Shortcuts divert attention from the important activities necessary to underwrite the consistency and completeness of your efforts.

If you have defined what success is to be in your life (your yearly Super Bowl Championship), you must set the specific goals that support your pre-established success strategy. Then you must develop and write out your ‘game’ plan. Remember, you can NOT “do” a goal, but you CAN “do” the planned actions that will achieve your goal.

Each of your daily opportunities should be evaluated in terms of its importance and weighted as to how it will or won’t fit into your definition of success. If it does, great! If not, disregard it. If you begin working on an opportunity that does not support your game plan, you could be, subconsciously, in conflict with yourself and therefore achieve nothing. If an opportunity at hand appears that it may satisfy some aspect of your financial desires, yet it conflicts with your career, family, social, physical, mental, or spiritual goals, do you really win? Conflict! Who needs it?

Just like football training camp, writing and developing your game plan can be difficult, time consuming and at times frustrating You may even consider throwing in the towel and continue to merely ‘window-shop’ and fantasize about the tantalizing, new opportunities that are brought forth with each sunrise. However, a well-thought out plan, frequently adjusted to meet exciting and new opportunities that appear daily cannot be beat.

“You have to steer your own course. You have to do your own thinking. You must make your own decisions. You have to solve your own problems. Your character is your own handiwork. You have to write your own record. You have to build your own monument – or dig your own pit.” B. C. Forbes

Take the time now, and it does take time, thought and effort to develop and write your own game plan. Don’t just think it or fantasize about it – write it! Then, establish the goals that support your plan and develop the action steps to achieve those goals. Finally, make the personal commitment so critical to any real achievement and EXECUTE!